Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Sprinkler Company

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Hire A Professional Sprinkler Company
When you hire a professional sprinkler company, you’re getting a hazzle-free lawn ready for summer.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Sprinkler Company

Over 30+ Years Of Experience & Professional Service

Most have heard the proverb “You get what you pay for”, yet we are always tempted to cut corners and save money. Don’t feel guilty, we are all susceptible to its temptations. When you’re making an investment that will have years of time-saving benefits and add value to your home, it’s best not to skimp. Typically, the more you invest in your irrigation system, the more feature-rich and reliable it will be as it ages, extending its life.

Call CS Sprinklers today for a consultation to go over the different options on the market and what is recommended for your landscape irrigation needs; from sprinkler controllers (the brain of your irrigation system) to the sprinkler heads. We install high-quality sprinkler systems for residential and commercial applications; however, we repair all systems. With over 30+ years of professional sprinkler experience, we work with sprinklers all day – every day. We can solve the simplest to complex sprinkler issues, saving you time and money.

Not all sprinkler companies are created equal. In choosing an irrigation company, it’s important to get quotes. With quotes in hand, don’t just choose the lowest rate. We do our best to provide a fair and honest estimate, but if a quote is drastically lower than other bids, it could be a warning sign. Maybe that company didn’t understand your goals or maybe they’re quoting it using sub-par irrigation parts and systems. It’s always best to compare apples to apples and go with the company that you felt most comfortable with. Hopefully, that choice is CS Sprinklers. With our friendly, professional service, you can count on us, regardless of the size of the job or company that installed it. Our goal is customer satisfaction. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the service you received from CS Sprinklers, please let us know so we can immediately correct the problem. We value our customers and their opinions. Give us a call today at (303) 627-4190 or email us at

“C S Sprinklers came out and repaired my sprinklers system fast and now they work GREAT!!”

Joey Chavez

“I needed help winterizing my sprinklers so I called CS Sprinklers. They were super helpful.”

Grace H.

Go Green

Our Mission

Our hands-on ownership approach allows us to offer the very best service in sprinkler repair and maintenance. The professionals at CS Sprinklers are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Our customers are our business and the strongest compliment we can receive is your referral to friends, family, and neighbors. With eco-friendly solutions, we’ll help keep Denver’s lawns green, reduce water waste, and help protect the planet for future generations.

Professional Service

Call the professionals at CS Sprinklers for prompt and professional service. With a complete range of irrigation services, we'll offer you the best products and service with highly competitive prices.

Quality Sprinklers

When you want the best sprinkler service and products available, call CS Sprinklers. We have the latest smart-watering features in today's state-of-the-art sprinkler equipment.

Sprinkler Installation

Whether you need a new system installed or have an existing system, you can trust the sprinkler professionals at CS Sprinklers to give you the best price and recommendations.

Irrigation Repair

The professionals at CS Sprinklers have the knowledge and expertise to repair any sprinkler or irrigation problem, keeping your lawn green and your plants thriving. Give us a call. We're ready to help you.

Fall Winterization

Call the sprinkler professionals you can trust to ensure your sprinkler system is ready for winter. With routine seasonal services offered, winterization and blowouts protect your underground pipes.

Spring Tune-Ups

After a long winter, your sprinklers should be properly inspected in the spring to check for leaks and to make adjustments to sprinkler heads and watering schedules. Call CS Sprinklers today!

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