Sprinkler Maintenance

Once a month, turn on each valve of your sprinkler system during daylight hours and perform an inspection. Some automatic timers allow you to set a test run, or you can program each station to come on successively for one minute. Check the following:


  • Are there obstructions preventing the water from reaching the desired areas?
  • Are there any observable leaks or breaks in the pipe? (Geysers, holes or soft spots in the lawn)


Are any heads…

  • Missing?
  • Broken?
  • Clogged? (not spraying or only partially spraying)
  • Pushed too far into the ground? (signified by the grass laying down, pointing away from the sprinkler)
  • Tilted or spraying in the wrong direction. Onto the structure, street or sidewalk?


Is the pressure…

  • Too low? (spray is not reaching all desired areas, spray is forming large water droplets, there are dough nut shaped dry areas, rotor speed is to slow, rotors are not rotating)
    Too high? (spray is overshooting desired areas, spray is misting and there are dry areas between heads, rotor speed is too fast, rotors are not rotating, heads are leaking)
  • If any of these items are found, your system needs maintenance. A proper running system will not only help keep a beautiful lawn, but will also conserve water. Many of these problems are easy to repair, if you feel it is beyond your ability call CS Sprinklers, we’ll be happy to come out and fix the problem.