Having a beautiful, healthy lawn provides a vibrant backdrop needed to showcase any residential home or commercial business. With Denver’s CS Sprinklers, the experts in Lawn Sprinkler Systems, Irrigation & Maintenance and In-line Fertilization, your lawn sprinkler system is custom designed to fit your unique lawn care needs and provide you with years of reliable service, including the ability to reduce water loss and usage. A lasting investment, a lawn sprinkler system adds to the value and enjoyment of your property.

We specialize in setting-up an in-line fertilization program through your existing or newly installed sprinkler system. In-line fertilization provides consistent and uniform micro-feeding creating beautiful, healthy lawns and happy customers. Easy to set up and reasonably priced. In-line fertilization combines the benefits of fertilization with the convenience of sprinkler system disbursement. Benefits to the customer include having a lawn that receives consistent, uniform, micro-feedings at regularly scheduled times. This process results in healthier plants and soils that drastically improve the appearance of any home or business.

When searching for the best provider of sprinkler system installation, maintenance and In-line Fertilization, CS Sprinklers sets the bar other outdoor irrigation providers strive to reach. A fully licensed and insured company, and with 20 years’ experience, CS Sprinklers offers our customers a two to five year warranty.

We have been gaining the trust of our local community since 2006. Schedule your consultation today to see why more and more residential and commercial customers trust CS Sprinklers to be their outdoor irrigation provider of choice.

If your home or business is in the Denver, Colorado, and surrounding areas, including Aurora and Englewood, give your lawn the tools it needs to grow healthy and green! Call CS Sprinklers today at (303) 627-4190 or email Sprinklers@CSsprinklers.com.

Remember, we are the experts in lawn sprinkler system installation and repair!