Inline Fertilization

Fertilizing your lawn and landscape through your sprinkler system.

Specializing in Reducing Water Usage and the Fertilizer is Environmentally Safe “No Chemicals Used”

Delivery of fertilizer though your sprinkler system is the best, most cost-effective and efficient way to deliver nutrients to grass, plants and ornamentals. Supplying grass and plants with small amounts of fertilizer through your sprinkler system allows plants to thrive in a constantly nutrient-rich environment resulting in stronger root growth and better plants.

Smart Landscaping technologies that make common landscaping tasks easier, more cost-effective and more efficient.

A total fertilizer program, applied regularly, is essential to keep turf healthy and growing from season start to season end, and from year to year. It alleviates the stress placed on turf by heavy traffic, tournament play, severe weather conditions, insect attacks and disease.

The use of fertigation technology that distributes our bio-stimulant enhanced fertilizers through an irrigation system will simulate nature’s optimal growing conditions and reduce overall requirements for fertilizers and other harsh chemicals.

Test result after test result has shown that turf fed regularly heals itself quicker, responds to constant play better and survives hot, dry spells and severe winter cold with less damage than untreated or improperly treated turf. Our fertilizers give excellent results with all popular fertilizer injector systems.